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Indians Would Not be Browbeaten

The erratic verbiage of Eric Philips in his letter of June 30, entitled  ‘Ruling class racist ideology is back in vogue in Guyana’, does not befit someone of his intellectual caliber. I’m sure that Satish and Vishnu Bisram can speak … Continue reading

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My Son’s Graduation Speech

Esteemed Board of Trustees, Founder and CEO, Dr. Lopez, Director of Instructions, Ms. Cummings, faculty, parents, distinguished guests and fellow students, the long awaited historic occasion has arrived; the first graduation of the International Leadership Charter School. Senator Orrin Hatch … Continue reading

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The Indian Mindset

On April 16, Abu Bakr wrote (KN)  “There is of course no doubt that Indo-Guyanese, like all Guyanese and indeed people everywhere, have a “mindset” or set of cultural reflexes generated from a matrix of values that of itself merits … Continue reading

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The Actualities of PPP’s Indian Support

A number of Guyanese have been titillated by the prospect that the recent T&T electoral outcome can be replicated in Guyana. Of course a few commentators have already indicated the dismal history of coalitions and coalition endeavors in Guyana that … Continue reading

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