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Suicide is Preventable

Is suicide preventable? Well evidence abounds that individuals, organizations and nations have succeeded in saving lives and reducing suicides. Perhaps more importantly is that a tremendous body of research indicates that generally those with suicidal mindsets do not want to … Continue reading

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Agreeing to disagree

It is a trait that seems to have become systemic in the Indo-Caribbean New York community – the capacity to take disagreements and create irrevocable schisms….will a saturation point be reached and then people will say ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’? It … Continue reading

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Whither the First Caribbean Hindu Conference in New York City?

It was deemed historic because, for the first time ever, Caribbean Hindus, in NYC, had come together in a conference to discuss issues related to their communities and lives. Three years later, no action has yet taken place… It was … Continue reading

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Stop the Misinformation Implement Concrete Measures Now

Given the plethora of information and research on suicide made publicly available in Guyana over the last two years, it is quite an enigma that misinformation continues to be peddled from the top of socio-political structure. The latest such tidbit … Continue reading

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Worshipping of man as God

Why is it that Hindus are so quick to deify and worship humans as God? The concept of avatarhood (God manifested) has been so abused and exploited as to become meaningless, as individual after individual are transformed into avatars after … Continue reading

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