Indians Would Not be Browbeaten

The erratic verbiage of Eric Philips in his letter of June 30, entitled  ‘Ruling class racist ideology is back in vogue in Guyana’, does not befit someone of his intellectual caliber. I’m sure that Satish and Vishnu Bisram can speak for themselves but Annan Boodram has never denied or negated the historical role and contributions of Africans to Guyana’s development and ethos. Nor have I ever stated or suggested that an Afro Guyanese cannot or should not become head of state. And I certainly have never intimated or insinuated any of the labels on young Afro Guyanese that Mr. Phillips attribute to the Satish, Annan Boodrams and Vishnu Bisrams.

Furthermore, Mr. Phillips statement, “Perhaps, it is time for Africans to demand separation” reminds one of another time, another person who had also called for separation along ethnic lines, only to spend the rest of his life in damage control. Surely this line of reasoning does not reflect the true perspective of Mr. Eric Phillips?

Additionally Phillips’ argument that Barack Obama would not have been accepted by Indo-Guyanese as president, bespeaks a lack of in depth analysis that does not become Mr. Philips.  The simple fact is that because he would have none of the baggage of the current politicians in Guyana and because he would seek to genuinely speak for and on behalf of all, Barack Obama would run away with any elections in Guyana. And that, Eric is what it is all about as outlined in my SN letter of June 29, entitled’ The PNC has done nothing to win the support of Indians since being in opposition’.

So please Mr. Phillips, stop ranting and take a breather – you cannot browbeat Indians into supporting an entity and leaders who have burnt them very badly. Nor can you browbeat Indians into supporting fringe entities that would merely open the gates for the return of the entity/leadership that put them through hell. Finally Mr. Phillips, it is rather instructive that while you seem obsessed with PPP the track record and failings of the PNC has not appeared on your radar screen in any significant manner. Pray tell what message do you think Indians are receiving by this tactic? Afterall, objectivity and fairness are not one-way streets.

The bottom line is that when Indians are offered leadership in whom they can repose trust and faith not to take them down the same road once herded along, then they could certainly be weaned away from the PPP.  Sadly, rhetoric and all, no such leadership has appeared on the horizon!

About caribvoice

Free lance journalist, educator and community activist. Guyana born New York based.
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