Facets of Mental Health

“He said when speaking about the development of people, the mental health of individuals, families and communities must be addressed – it was about encouraging people to live well, think right, and enjoy good levels of happiness.”

— Dr Rampersad Parasram newly installed spiritual leader and Dharmacharya of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS), Trinidad & Tobago.

Dr. Parasram epitomises the true faith based leader, someone who must weld the spiritual with psychological in order toe be able to help people of faith achieve optimal well being.




From a FB member of this page:

Judy Deveaux My pastor husband punched the crap out of me at 5 months pregnant with His only child (2nd marrisge) simply because I wanted the tv turned off so i can sleep then he can turn it back on for as long as he wanted. I experienced neglect, physical, emotional, financial, mental abuse from the man of God who stood and promised to love me until “death” do us part. He reminded me of that when i questioned his abuse. If he wasn’t Satan dressed in religious garb I am Chinese and my grandmother is Egyptian.

Do not remain in violent or abusive relationships for any reason. The kids will not be happy in such situations, I don’t care how many years were invested in it or how much money you spent. I ran away from a house I had just built and partly furnished. Your life and kids are worth more than staying for the kids.. hoping the abuser will Change. They get worse. Tell a trusted friend, get help and get the hell out, never return. Most kill you after you return. They had never changed. God will help you to make it. He will open doors and send persons to help you. Trust Him and leave.

If a spouse loves you he or she will NEVER raise a fist against you…. EVER.


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