NGO to continue advocacy on suicide and violence

Stabroek News, Guyana, August 26, 2019: The Caribbean Voice (TCV) is set to take part in an annual anti-violence candlelight vigil on World Suicide Prevention day, September 10th, to play their part in the prevention of suicide under the theme “Work Together to Prevent Suicide.”

This announcement was made at a press conference on Wednesday where members of the media were told of the non-governmental organisation’s (NGO) suicide and abuse prevention campaign which was launched in 2014. As part of the campaign and in observance of World Suicide Prevention Day, the organisation hopes to inspire positive changes in communities across the country, create an environment where NGO’s can collaborate with community leaders and address violence holistically.

The NGO plans to organise candle light vigils as part of an effort to decide collectively what can be done to prevent suicide, abuse and other forms of violence.

Also speaking at the press conference was Devindra Bridgmohan, who recently secured 10 passes at the recently concluded CSEC examinations. The 17-year-old told the conference of a few of the issues which can lead persons to commit suicide, while also encouraging persons to not give up. He stated that approximately one million persons die each year from suicide. “Suicide doesn’t end the chances of life getting worse, it eliminates the possibility of it getting better,” the teen said.

“Whenever you feel like giving up just remember the reason why you held on for so long, place your hand over your heart and tell yourself, you are alive for a reason. Don’t ever give up,” Bridgmohan said while adding that suicide also affects the loved ones of those who fall victim to suicide. The young man gave himself as an example stating that he did not let his disability keep him back and he persevered against all odds.

As part of the organisation’s activities for the remainder of the year and 2020, they intend to have persons trained as counsellors to work along with TCV. “We are going into each Region and do it (conduct the training), it will take us a while to get it done but it will be done,” TCV member Bibi Ahmad was quotes as saying. Ahmad also told the news conference that TCV recently welcomed on board, Bridgmohan, who will now be a voice for TCV. The organisation also presented the teen with a new walker.

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