Teen with cerebal palsy is newest member of The Caribbean Voice; receives new walker

Seventeen-year-old Davindra Bridgmohan of Endeavour Canal No. 1 is the newest member of the Caribbean Voice organisation and will be a spokesperson for the said organization.
He will be attending a number of functions to give motivational talks and to help spread suicide awareness. He feels that he can relate in some way especially since he is viewed as being different.
The announcement was made during a press conference for the Caribbean Voice at the Pegasus Hotel on Wednesday morning by Bibi Ahamad, the organisation’s Managing Director.
As a first step towards helping him, the organisation presented the young man with a brand new walker compliments of a number of stakeholders and overseas donors, to aid in his mobility since his condition limits his independent movement,
Davindra greeted the audience and expressesed his joy at being there.
“It’s a pleasure to sit before you and speak about the awareness of suicide.”
He went on to say that the gift of life was given and should be appreciated. Just like a caterpillar who thought the world was over then became a butterfly, the moment you are ready to quit, that’s usually the moment right before a miracle can happen.
“The World Health Organisation estimates that approximately one million people die each year from suicide. Suicide doesn’t end the chances of life getting worst; it eliminates the possibility of it getting any better.”
He further noted that people who are deeply depressed have difficulty realizing that their life would eventually get better. He said that he didn’t let his disability keep him back and from pursuing his dreams.
Davindra can walk with assistance and he is a fluent speaker. He is mostly an independent child who does things on his own. He lives with his parents and two younger siblings in a home that his father made sure to have built in such a way that it suited his son’s needs.
When he sat the National Grade Six Assessment back in 2014 he was awarded a spot at the St. Joseph High School but opted to attend West Demerara Secondary instead.
This year he sat 10 subjects at the CSEC level and passed all gaining four grade one and six grade two passes. He has expressed interest in becoming a Civil Engineer.
However his family couldn’t afford it. Bibi Ahamad is appealing to the public to collaborate with the young man and to assist him furthering his studies to achieve his dreams.

About caribvoice

Free lance journalist, educator and community activist. Guyana born New York based.
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