Build shelters and safe houses in every region

Social Protection Minister Amna Ally and US Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch were among those at the sod-turning exercise recently in Linden for the construction of two shelters. These projects are being undertaken by the United States Military Services, under the New Horizons initiative. Indeed, it is very laudable that the Linden community and Region 10 will finally be having shelters for abused women and children.
Incidentally, in reacting to news of the Linden shelters, a youth activist and ERC Commissioner lauded the efforts on social media but called for similar shelters to be built in other regions, especially Regions Two and Six which have very pressing needs. A member of the Child Rights Commission responded to the young man’s call by telling him to get his fellow Hindus to build other shelters. Requested to explain what her bewilderingly biased statement has to do with the issue under discussion, that CRC Commissioner has gone silent.
In any case, The Caribbean Voice reminds the Honourable Minister, Amna Ally, that while there are a couple of drop-in centres and homes, there are no shelters for abused women and children in any other region. But we are certain that the Honourable Minister recognises the urgent need for such shelters and even safe houses in every region. And so we look forward to soon hearing about these initiatives.

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