Trump’s ‘successes’ have flattered to deceive

Wonder what do Trumpites think now that Trump’s ‘successes’ have flattered to deceive. Stock market is in continual chaos. Tax ‘reform’ has no long term trickle down benefits to middle and lower classes. Unemployment ‘increases’ are actually not factoring in the rising laid offs due to business closings after business closings. In fact there have been more closings under Trump that any of his predecessor. North Korea is a disaster as that Baby faced dictator took Gullible Trump for a ride. Trade with China is now more advantageous to China than it ever was with the deficit now at a record level. Not a single major business has moved back to the US. Debt has increased by over two trillion dollars and then some..a record of all records. Federal spending has ballooned to a record level also. Infrastructure has deteriorated to levels not ever see before. The environment is at the highest risk ever. Ethics and morality have taken record plunges. Division and discord are at record highs. Civility has gone on vacation. Racism is worse than it has been since the sixties. Immigration is in chaos. Mexico is never going to pay for that wall, which will also never materialize. Governance has never been so nasty and has never taken so many incursions into criminality. In short the glitter is gone and stupidity, crudeness, depravity and ignorance have been exposed to their very core!

About caribvoice

Free lance journalist, educator and community activist. Guyana born New York based.
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