The Caribbean Voice launches suicide prevention vigil.

The Caribbean Voice (TVC) has partnered with the Social Cohesion Ministry to organise its third annual national anti-violence candlelight vigil to mark World Suicide Prevention Day, which is aimed at spreading awareness on suicide prevention.
There will be a month-long awareness on suicide prevention and other scheduled activities, which will culminate with the vigil on Sunday, September 9.
At the launching ceremony on Friday, National Coordinator of the Caribbean Voice, Nizam Hussain, highlighted some of the organisations partnering with The Caribbean Voice in this initiative. Those include the Women’s Progressive Organisation (WPO), the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha, Charity Church of Christ, Emerging Young Leaders, the Enterprise Youth Development Group, and Golden Om Dharmic Youth.
Hussain explained that this vigil will aid in reducing the scourge of suicide and the number of cases which are often coupled with domestic violence.
Social Cohesion Minister George Norton has noted that efforts should continue to assist with ending both of these social issues in Guyana.
“I believe that observing this vigil is a great start,” he said. “We want you to not only observe the vigil, but to join forces with Caribbean Voice and other bodies that are working towards ending violence and suicide altogether,” Minister Norton said.
Norton also spoke on the report that was produced by the World Health Organisation (WHO) a few years ago, which placed Guyana in the spotlight for its high suicide rate. He said the rate of suicide has decreased significantly.
“This could have been, and it was immensely troubling, and we needed to take immediate remedy. In 2015, Guyana was one of the few countries that moved aggressively to develop a suicide prevention plan, and I’m happy to say that Guyana’s suicide rate has dropped,” Dr Norton declared.
Last year, the organisers had just under 800 participating groups at the vigil. They are looking forward to more this time around.

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