Concrete follow up action needed to build on marches and rallies

Marches and rallies are great activities to build awareness about abuse. However, The Caribbean Voice (TCV) and many others have continuously pointed out that one cannot build awareness nationally by focusing only centrally.
So we would like to urge all those who have or will want to organize marches and rallies to also please bear in mind that they need to move out of Georgetown and engage in such activities in every region since abuse is a national crisis.
As well, awareness building is a necessary first step in addressing abuse, but follow up is needed. Thus we urge organizers of such activities to build on awareness by instituting activities that would arm citizens with information and strategies to concretely deal with abuse, and offer a ladder of action that needs to be taken.
Throughout Guyana there are NGOs, FBOs and CBOs that engage in this level of activism and organizers of marches and rallies can reach out and collaborate with such entities to advance move from awareness building to redressive action.
After all, everyone, from President Granger downwards has been beseeching collaboration to tackle abuse and other social issues.

About caribvoice

Free lance journalist, educator and community activist. Guyana born New York based.
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