Support Lay Counselor Training Program in Guyana

The Caribbean Voice Inc is a New York registered NGO that is engaged in anti-violence activism in general with a special focus on suicide prevention and anti-abuse with a major focus on Guyana. In our efforts to be able to address suicide and abuse in Guyana, we have identified the lay counselor program that trains gatekeepers to become proactive eyes and ears in communities who will be able to act to prevent suicide and address abuse. To this end Seva International, an NGO out of India, has provided us with a trainer for the lay counselor program for a period of one year. We are not paying for the services of that trainer but we do need to cover the person’s living expenses plus costs associated with the various training programs she will be conducting, for the duration of her stay, a total cost of $31,900. We have factored in the fees that have to be paid to Gofundme in the total we need to raise. We need these funds as soon as possible so we can implement the program as Guyana has one of the highest suicide rate in the world and abuse stalks the social landscape as an everyday, suffusing, almost normal activity.
If 3000 people donate $10 each we can reach this goal and be able to implement the lay counselor training program across Guyana. We’re off to a good start so we’re appealing to facebook friends and supporters to please help. Please click the link below, donate, no matter how small, post, share, tag and help us spread the word.
My name is Annan Boodram and I’m a founder and current president of The Caribbean Voice.

About caribvoice

Free lance journalist, educator and community activist. Guyana born New York based.
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