Each minute, each hour and each day is a struggle not to give in

#mentalhealthmatters #suicideprevention
The Caribbean Voice has been placing tremendous emphasis on strategies to deal with depression which is not only one the two states (the other being anxiety) that directly lead to suicide but which is also a growing problem worldwide. Only recently it was revealed that depression has been on the increase even in developed nations like the US. And we all know that it certainly is an increasing problem in Guyana and other developing nations.
As someone who has lived with depression all my life (even though I did not realize this until after I learnt about this mental health condition as a result of TCV’s mental health work, I can say with certainty that depression is like a parasite…it is difficult to dislodge, even when life conditions seem to indicate that there is no grounds for it. It seems to stay hidden always emerging to the fore when such life situations feed it. And, for the umpteen time, that reality has again become mine. Only this time, there is self awareness and thus an understanding as why it has again emerged to the fore as well as how to ensure it does not take control. But its there and each second, each minute, each hour and each day is a struggle not to give in; a struggle to stay engaged even in life’s fundamental needs such as maintaining basic health and hygiene, staying focused on errands and goals, remaining socially and creatively engaged, and a struggle to not let the darkness become overpowering and order become enveloped in an unending haze. But as strong as a person can be there is always this niggling fear that at any instant the will can become weakened enough to plunge one into a bottomless pit from where there is no upward surge and finality steps in. It is in this pit that even those with literally everything – fame, power, wealth, celebrity status et al – engage in that last fatal act.

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Free lance journalist, educator and community activist. Guyana born New York based.
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