Be all you can be?

When I was in the army the motto was ‘be all you can be’. Now I see that ‘mantra’ all over the place? So is it that most people are actually being all they can be? Because if this is the case then one has to wonder about the hundreds of millions living is dire poverty, with chronic illnesses, all sorts of disabilities, struggling to live day to day. Is that all they can be? I always considered myself a person with vast ambition and I have always set goals for myself. Yet at every step factors beyond my control have thrown up obstacles and challenges often time beyond my resources to deal with. In fact I’m still facing that situation. So is this all I can be? I don’t think so! But the reality is that often times life gets in the way of being all we can be. On the other hand life also sometimes throw up some surprising offers that pull you in. My involvement in suicide prevention and anti-violence was never one of my goal, in fact not even on my radar screen. But here I am today, up to my neck and I would not have it any other way even tough each step is beset with challenges and demands great personal sacrifices. But I have his feeling that even though I’m in the autumn of my life before I take my final departure the twain may well meet and those goals now at a standstill will be accomplished without me having to sacrifice my social activism. I remain in hope…

About caribvoice

Free lance journalist, educator and community activist. Guyana born New York based.
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