The Caribbean Voice Invites Nominations for the El Dorado Awards

The Caribbean Voice, an NGO involved in suicide prevention, is inviting nominations for its Second Annual El Dorado Awards to be held in July 2016, date and venue to be announced later.
The El Dorado Awards was launched in August 2015 to recognize affirmations agents on Guyana’s social landscape (see for the list of inaugural honorees). Supported by Sueria Manufacturing, Gafoor Group of Companies, Cara Hotel, Metro Office Supplies, Galaxy 21 Communications, Office Resources (New York City) and a sponsor who prefers to be anonymous, the awards was very well received by stakeholders, attendees and the general public and a decision was taken to make it an annual event.
Affirmation agents are individuals, businesses and organizations that give back to communities and causes, promote and support social causes and/or engage in charitable work to empower and positively impact lives. Those who give so much of their time, efforts and resources to make a difference are often unacknowledged and even unrecognized. The purpose of the Ed Dorado Awards is to ensure that the Guyanese nation become aware of the work of these sterling individuals and entities.
Award categories and eligibility criteria can be accessed at Nominations, to include name, address, phone number, email and short bios or background information, should be sent via email to, or or via instant messaging (IM) on facebook to Annan Boodram, Bibi Ahamad or The Suicide Epidemic page.
The Caribbean Voice is also inviting sponsors for the awards. For inquiries or further information please call 223-2637 or 621-6111(Guyana) or 718-542-4454 (Canada, USA) or send email to any of the email addresses above.

About caribvoice

Free lance journalist, educator and community activist. Guyana born New York based.
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