The Caribbean Voice launches awards to honor advocates, activists and affirmation agents

Georgetown, Guyana, August 5, 2015: In keeping with its perspective that ‘Suicide Prevention is Everybody’s Business,’ The Caribbean Voice is launching The El Dorado Awards, aimed at honoring advocates, activists and affirmation agents on the social landscape, building connections between these individuals and organizations on the one hand and the business and professional community on the other and fostering collaboration and a concerted approach to tackling issues such as suicide, abuse, sex crimes, alcoholism and drug abuse.

The reality is that there is a plethora of individuals and organizations, local and Diaspora, engaged in making a difference and qualitatively impact the lives of Guyanese, especially the powerless and disadvantaged, while tackling the social issues that negatively affect lives. Supported by Cara Hotel and Suri Manufacturing, The El Dorado Awards provides a space to recognize the efforts of those so involved so that they can connect with each other and begin a conversation that would enhance the collaborative approach within a national framework.

The awards event comprises a cocktail reception, a cultural interlude and the presentation of awards. This year’s honorees comprise individuals and organizations drawn from throughout Guyana and the Diaspora, who will be honored for activism, advocacy and affirmation efforts in the following categories: Lifetime (Pakarimas Award), Public Service Kykoveral Award), Private Sector (Canje Pheasant), Humanitarism (Victorial Regia Award), Culture (Maticore/Queh Queh Award), Community Building (Umana Yana Award), Business (Greenheart Award) and Youth (Arapima Award). In effect the awards categories are named after Guyanese symbols, landmarks and icons.

The First Annual El Dorado Awards, to be held at Cara Hotel in Georgetown, on Saturday August 22 from 3pm to 7pm, comprises a cocktail reception, a cultural interlude and presentation of awards. A limited number of tickets are being sold at $7,000 each. For tickets please email or  call 621-6111/223-2637 (Guyana) or 718-542-4454 (US/Canada)





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Free lance journalist, educator and community activist. Guyana born New York based.
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